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What Are Solar Pool Covers?

What are solar pool covers

What are solar pool covers bacchus marsh? These are pool covers made from solar cells that absorb the sun’s heat and then redirect it into the pool. The heat they absorb is free and abundant and helps save energy, but what are the other benefits these covers can give? How do they compare to ordinary pool blankets?

Solar Pool Covers – They are the ultimate in swimming pool insulation. Best Solar Pool Covers – 0.1. Intex Solar Cover for Round Frame Swimming Pools. Sun2Zen Blue 16′ Solar Blanket for rectangular in-ground pools. Blue Wave NSricting Pool Blanket – the newest in pool covers.

Solar pool covers work by collecting solar heat from the rays of the sun and then turning it into heat to be used for swimming pool heating. Most solar pool covers are made with thick fabric or a light-weight plastic mesh that allows air to circulate. The air, in turn, warms as it moves through the reels. There are three reels in a standard setup, the primary (intake) reel, the draining reel, and the recovery reels. The intake reel is designed to take in air from the swimming pool and push it toward the drain while sucking up water and slowing it in the process. When the air reaches the drain, it absorbs heat and the water and lowers the temperature of the water down.

A typical clear solar cover has a polyester mesh backing and is usually attached to the outside with Velcro. It is important that the size of the cover is based on the amount of sunlight that will be reflected onto the pool during the day. For instance, if the cover is only big enough to give you about an inch of shade, it won’t be very effective. The mesh should allow a fair amount of visibility but should also have enough width so that any falling leaves or branches do not go through the gaps and reflect the sunlight back onto your pool. The wider the cover, the more sunlight that can pass through it and lower the temperature of the water.

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There are covers that have air pockets in the sides where the heat from the sun is allowed to pass though and warm the water. These air pockets are made to let the heat from the sun pass through the water without being absorbed. The cover actually heats the water faster than it would if there weren’t any air pockets in the sides.

Some solar covers are made with a resinous material that absorbs heat instead of allowing it to evaporate. The heat that is allowed to pass through this resinous material is what causes the pool to heat up faster and stay warmer for a longer period of time. Although some of these pool accessories are effective, some can actually make your pool much hotter than it should be, causing it to become unhealthy and possibly even damage the structure of the pool.

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